Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Frame of Mind 6/21/06 Dan Ryan Blues

Some people, when they see a problem,just say something ought to be done. Lance Brown of the band Archtop Brownie writes a song.

There is, for instance, one of the band’s latest songs, “Dan Ryan Blues.”

Jumped in my car at a quarter of 8, Got an early start, didn’t want to be late. Drove up on the ramp and rolled to a stop, Found myself sitting in a parking lot.

“When something strikes me as interesting, something says in my head, I ought to write a song about this,” Brown said. “The song, as I played it to the band members, they said, ‘We’ve got to record this.’”

Archtop Brownie, these sages of traffic wisdom, practice twice weekly in the lunchroom at the Oak-Leyden Developmental Services on Chicago Avenue. Bassist Dan Lopata is maintenance supervisor at the developmental center and was able to arrange for the band to rehearse there.

To cover their rent, the four-man band performs monthly at center social gatherings,
Lopata, a Chicago resident, said.

“It’s a blast,” Lopata said. “The clients get a real kick out of it.”

-Chris LaFortune

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