Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keep in Flight shootout

So Tamara Bell, Brian Valentin and myself had an old-school style shootout (that mostly involved walking then drinking then walking then drinking, ect...) that ended at John H. White's PJ2 class at Columbia College. To our surprise/horror Mr. Scott Strazzante was speaking to the class, bonus! Here we thought we'd be the cool old pros lurking in the corners. Having two of your favorite shooters in one room is cool (bonus points if you guess which two) and getting to just shoot for me and absorb some PJ love is worth the hangover. We ended the night on Pat Pyzska's balcony on the 47th floor of Marina City, quite stunning.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I feel like I shouldn't ever be without my camera. So when Christine and I decided to spend a week at the beach the gears started turnging. Would I just enjoy myself without making photos? So I bought a Nikonos V and this was from the first roll of 24 exposures. The rest is real B&W so I have to wait until I get back to Chicago to process it. I feel there's no mystery in digital. This I love.